Colonic Procedure

Colonic cleansing is best done when the stomach is empty.  However, if you need to eat something, choose something light.  Ideally, you should have a bowel movement 20-30 minutes after eating, so having a colonic after a light meal is alright.  If you have a history of chronic constipation, starting to eat lighter (to give your digestion a break) is ideal.  It is also important to be hydrated!  However, do not drink fluids an hour to an hour and a half before your session because your bladder will fill up during the procedure.

Before the session
First and foremost, the colonic procedure is a very comfortable, which is surprising to most!  However, if you have a history of chronic constipation, be realistic…there is hard stool in your colon and your peristalsis has been weakened, so the first few sessions may be a bit uncomfortable as we get your colon back to good health.  

After a client understands how the session flows and becomes comfortable, most look forward to their next.

The client’s first session begins by filling out a Health History form providing information about their health and any related symptoms, eating and exercise habits, nutritional programs, and anything else relevant for the therapist to know.  This can be done prior to the appointment online.  See Step 2 on the Home Page and in the Appointment Section.

Next, the therapist will take you into the therapy room.  You will go into the restroom to empty out your bladder (the bladder has a tendency to fill up during the session), undress from the waist down and put on a fresh, clean gown for privacy.

During the session
The therapist will be facilitating the session.  You will lie on a treatment table face up, on your back with a sheet over your lower half to maintain your personal comfort and peace of mind.  The therapist will then explain how the colon hydrotherapy equipment works and the treatment procedure.

A disposable speculum is well lubricated and then gently inserted into the rectum.  A UV filter system carries warm water into the colon.  Move uses a ‘closed’ system, which means waste is transported into the drain line without any offensive odor or unsanitary waste exposed.  You will be able to see what the colon is eliminating (if you care to) through an illuminated glass tube connected to the equipment.  During your session the colon hydro-therapist will do a series of fills and releases.  A fill occurs when the therapist stops the water from flowing out of your body.  This allows the water to travel through the entire colon, assuming there are no blockages or impactions not yet released.  Through opening the system and gentle abdominal massage (with consent), the water and excess fecal material is released and your body’s natural peristaltic action (the muscle movement of the colon) takes over.    

Within a short passage of time a colonic can eliminate large amounts of trapped waste that may have taken many years to accumulate.  A colonic removes not only harmful, toxic waste, but it also tones, hydrates and rejuvenates the colon muscles.  During a 45-minute session of colonic irrigation, a total of 2-6 liters of distilled water is used to gently flush the colon. 

Individual disposables are used for each client to eliminate any possible contamination.  After each colon therapy session, the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for future use.

After the session
Colonics have a truly relieving effect.  A client should have a feeling of lightness, cleanness, and clarity of mind soon after the colonic is finished.

It is beneficial to drink 1-2 glasses of water afterwards and eat a piece of fruit or some freshly prepared fruit juice ½ hour later.  The first one or two meals after the treatment should be light and not contain food items such as meat, eggs, cheese, fried foods, etc.

After the colonic, the bowel movement will become naturally restored within about two days.  If it takes longer than that, it indicates that the colon has accumulated unduly large amounts of waste over a period of many years.  To soften up and flush out all the waste may require a series of colonics and, of course, a balanced diet and lifestyle. 

One colon hydrotherapy session may be equivalent to having several regular bowel movements. As you continue colon therapy, future sessions can prove to be even more effective as the older, harder mucus coated feces are softened and dislodged from the colon walls.

Natalie will answer any questions and communicate with you throughout your session.  Upon conclusion, she will evaluate your session progress and determine if any further sessions would be beneficial. Many people have reported a feeling of mental clarity, heightened energy, a renewed sense of wellbeing, and vitality after a colon hydrotherapy session. Since your colon will be cleaner, you may experience more frequent, fuller, easier eliminations, which may improve your overall health.

An initial series of 3 is recommended, but generally the real work begins between 4-7. Think about it like this, you cannot reverse years of poor habits within one 45 minute colonic session.  

The therapist can discuss your options after your first session. If you decide to do a series, a maintenance plan of one session per month is recommended. We offer special packages here. 

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