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We tragically and unexpectedly lost Jessica on February 8, 2023.  She was living life, laughing, and soaking in the sun with her family on a vacation in Florida.  A riptide caught her.  She will always be a part of our family and one of Natalie’s best friends. 

The world lost an incredible light that day.  We will never forget her and will keep her bright spirit alive at Move.

Jessica took her health into her own hands after many attempts to solve mysterious symptoms that crept up in her late teens. Conventional medicine failed her. Partnering with functional medicine doctors and “alternative” health practitioners, she learned she had an autoimmune disease that suppresses proper thyroid function, along with other chronic health issues. This holistic approach to her healthcare led to the successful management of symptoms like brain fog, depression, gut dysfunction, weight gain, irregular periods, and more.

Jessica fell in love with cooking tasty morsels from whole food sources, communing with nature, moving her body in new ways, and researching natural approaches to healing. It became an exciting new way of life, revealing her enthusiasm for helping others feel lively in their bodies.

When she is not engaged in helping people heal with colon hydrotherapy, Jessica is happily creating content and editing for her freelance writing business. In her spare time, she loves hiking, biking, and snuggling with her husband, reading under the covers at night with a red light, gardening, and escaping into a good movie.


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