Growing Up

NatalieHeadshot2FPOI was born and raised in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where fast, processed, and sugary foods were the makeup of most people’s diets, including my own. I had many antibiotics as a child due to chronic ear infections. With the combination of my poor diet and stripping my gut health with antibiotics, I had set myself up to battle a laundry list of health ‘opportunities’. I later learned these symptoms were a blessing in disguise and that it was my body trying to wake me up. These red flags were alerting me to take care of myself before they would turn into dis-ease. These symptoms included constipation, skin rashes, anxiety, mood swings, sinus infections, etc.

Health Struggles & City Life

When I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota for college, my busy life working three jobs and going to school didn’t help to change much. I continued to live off of sugar, sinus infections, and caffeine drinks. Little did I know the stress of managing everything also disrupted my gut health, which continued into my corporate life after college. I quickly fell into the fast-paced, high stress culture of working long hours and after-work dinners and drinks. I was getting sicker due to my poor habits compounding. I started going to the doctor, to have five minutes spent with me, and to leave with an antibiotic and not much information every.single.time.


In my frustration for knowing there had to be an explanation, I started doing my own research, quickly realizing I was overgrown with yeast and fungus from depleting my gut microbiome with antibiotics and feeding it for years with sugar and dead foods or in other words, foods with no nutrients. It started to make sense that I needed to clean up my diet with nutritious food, while cleansing my body of old matter so I could set up my gut to rebalance. Light bulbs were going off!

Move Was Born

I did the craziest thing I’ve ever done. I quit. I quit my unfulfilling corporate life to teach people how amazing their bodies are and to take care of myself. Fast forward to today: Move is helping to educate people about their bodies, social programming, and what really matters in life.

Natalie is certified through I-ACT: International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (Pressure System Colonics) and the Woods Hygienic Institute, Inc in Kissimmee, Florida (Gravity Colonics).  She has also trained with experts at the Gerson Institute in San Diego, California to better understand the Gerson Therapy, the natural cancer curing protocol developed by Dr. Max Gerson.






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