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Colon Care 101

Everyday I face the same reaction when I share what I do, a cringed look after I say the word colon. There is a certain embarrassment tied to the word colon and most people like to avoid it. The next thing I hear is, ‘Oh, like a colonoscopy.’ Little do people know, colon hydrotherapy can aid in your colonoscopy prep, but it is also the best practice to aid in the prevention of disease (period).

Disease originates in the colon. When waste is not properly eliminated, it accumulates and backs up the rest of the digestive tract, then the liver and kidneys. Some symptoms related include constipation, headaches, weight gain, skin problems, muscle and joint pain, and other more serious symptoms.

Most people take lots of supplements, but they are unable to absorb these nutrients if the colon walls are layered in accumulated waste. Another negative factor of this build up is absorption of toxins through the colon walls, which then get carried into the bloodstream, then passed along to the various organs and absorbed into the cells of the body.

The way most of us eat these days, toxins do accumulate in our bodies. There is a reason why the Standard American Diet’s acronym is SAD. These toxins build up over the year, stretching the colon out of its proper shape and position within the body. This is why it is important to cleanse the colon. First, start the process of deciding how you want to cleanse, then continue to maintenance, and then see the difference. Colon care and cleansing are huge contributors to healing and knowing your body to keep it healthy.

Ways to Cleanse:

  • Enemas – Enemas dates back to ancient Egypt. There are two types of enemas, cleansing and retention. Coffee enemas (used to open the bile duct so toxins can be released from the liver) are retention enemas. The cleansing enemas are not retained or held in the body; they are used to flush out the colon.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy – You’ve come to the right place here in Minneapolis/St. Paul! Move Colonics offers very pleasant colon hydrotherapy. Colonics cleanse the entire colon; enemas bathe only the lower part. Another thing to note about enemas is that water enters more rapidly. The pressure system (closed system), allows me to gently flow water into the colon.
  • Herbs – Some herbs, such as aloe, senna, and cascara sagrada, act as laxatives. These are okay to use occasionally, but please do not come dependant on them.
  • Foods – Understanding what foods are beneficial to eat, the digestion timing, and the way your individual body reacts is very important.

There are many more steps I could mention about colon cleansing, but this gives you the general idea. You’ll know when your colon is feeling better, because you will feel better. You will have regular bowel movements again and gas & bloating will be eliminated. Another simple way to tell is through your breath in the morning, it will be fresh! These are all signs that you are back on tract, your best digestive tract.

One thought on “Colon Care 101

  1. Colon Hydrotherapy says:

    Colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy is such a simple, yet amazing process. It is putting backwater into our bodies , hydrating us and most importantly it cleans out the garbage stuck to the colon! Through the Colon Hydrotherapy procedure, harmful toxins will be removed from the body preventing them from infesting the blood and degrading internal functions.


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